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  • Incy Interiors Estelle Bunk
  • Incy Interiors Estelle Bunk
  • Incy Interiors Estelle Bunk
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The gorgeous Estelle Bunk by Incy Interiors is a New York loft style bed.

The design of this stylish bunk, provides functional sleeping zones, additional height and a grand sense of openness. Framed by a sturdy ladder, the three rails are easy steps to extreme style in your child's bedroom.

The Estelle Bunk has many configuration options. It can be used as a traditional bunk with the lower bed either directly underneath or in a L-shape. Both the loft and lower bed can also be used stand alone.

Both beds are single size

Loft dimensions: 101.7cm (W) x 193.3cm (L) x 146cm (H)

Bottom bunk dimensions: 97.1cm (W) x 193.3cm (L) x 35.5cm (H)

Warranty: There is a 10 year warranty on all Incy Interiors products. The warranty covers any material or manufacturing defects but it does not cover general wear and tear. The warranty will be void if for any reason the product has been altered.

All Incy furniture, is designed and engineered to meet the highest safety standards, and is rigorously and regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure compliance with safety criteria. All wooden furniture is made from hardwoods and plywood, and all finishes are non-toxic and free of health hazards associated with VOC (volatile organic compounds).

*Please note: This product is sent directly from the Incy Interiors warehouse, so shipping is quoted to provide the best available price*

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